Why are the Nike Flyknit Racers the essential running shoe?

With 10+ years of research into the technology and design endorsed by marathon runners, Nike’s Flyknit Racer is now revered as one of the most lightweight and comfortable running shoes available on the market.

Designed in 2008 by Rob Williams, the Flyknit technology was designed to be durable, breathable and supportive. Taken from a quote from designboom.com:

“The Flyknit process is a method of crafting a shoe in one knit layer. For thousands of years shoes have been made with a cut and sew process. The trend right now is towards a product that allows an athlete to move very naturally. The human body was made to move. We should design to enable this natural ability not restrict it.”

So what makes these sneakers sought after by athletes and celebrities alike? With a high price tag of £129 it makes them some of the most expensive luxurious runners on the market. With their minimalist design and varied colourways they are for some a fashion staple and an every day essential in their wardrobe.

Nike have realised the sneakers’ full potential in the collectors market, and every so often release limited editions. These editions include unique colourways, their most popular being the ‘Multi’, which sold out instantly on the day of release.

In Summer 2017 Nike released the ‘Be True’ flyknit racer which was designed to support the LGBT community. It was adorned with a rainbow swoosh and tongue tab which stated boldly ‘BE TRUE’ in block white writing. The shoe was met with controversy in Russia with a lawmaker seeking a ban on the ‘Be True’ collection.

With the revolutionary technology of the Flyknit Racer, Nike have transcended creating shoes just for practical use, but have created a perfect harmony of comfort, durability and fashion.

Image Credit Nike©