That time we went to ‘Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party’

Ok so back in 2013 we decided since we were in Florida for the fall season we would partake in our first ever ‘Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party’. No regrets what so ever! It was so much fun.

It all started with panic-buy costumes in Wal-Mart, I have to say they had a pretty impressive selection. Since my absolute favourite ride is the Haunted Mansion I opted for a Maid’s costume (doubled up with the fact it was only around $15, spending money was needed on more important things like my 40th Dole Whip). Being pale also gave me the advantage of not having to get white face paint.. see image below, I’d be accepted as the 1000th ghost in a heartbeat.


The party started and they cleared everyone out of the park without a wristband, we queued for what felt like an eternity to get out photograph taken with the Seven Dwarves as they were all together which apparently is super rare! I also got heckled by a random lady saying ‘cheer up you’re at Disney World’… I was in costume I had to look miserable… *eye roll*. Below is a photo my dad took of me outside The Haunted Mansion, it was super foggy and I guess we both seized the photo-op.


We sat and watched the legendary Mickey’s ‘Boo To You’ parade, it was amazing, the best part seeing some slightly neglected characters who you could tell they only bring out on Halloween, my favourites being Pain and Panic from Hercules! This parade has the catchiest music of any parade or fireworks show, seriously. You’ll be singing it and annoying your family members for months to come.


Lets not forget what the best part is… the mounds of CANDY, I’m not exaggerating either I’m talking an Expedition Everest size mountain of candy. In every land there were different trick or treat stops where you would collect enough sugary items to last you months.


So to wrap things up this was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had at Disney World, its a ridiculous amount of fun and its definitely worth the price too, just make sure you book as soon as the tickets are available as they do sell out!



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