The Best Of Epcot (Food)

There’s no doubt in my mind that Epcot is the best park for food, it has its own festival to prove it! There are a few spots that I keep going back to again and again for a quick bite or a table meal, everything in this post is also on the DDP (Disney Dining Plan) as a snack, quick service or table service meal, so… here we go!

The Katsura Grill

Starting off is the Katsura Grill in my favourite pavilion, Japan! Not only does this quick service restaurant have a beautiful exterior but it has plenty of indoor and outdoor seating. At Night the outdoor seating is lit up with the most beautiful hanging lanterns too! The ladies who work here are the some of the nicest cast members you’ll ever meet, we were greeted with smiles and helped through the menu.

We eventually chose a combo of the Shrimp & Chicken Teriyaki, Iced Green Tea and the Green Tea Cheesecake (I cant get enough of it).  The lady who served us suggested that I put sweetener in the Iced Green tea if I wasn’t a fan of bitter drinks, I do however love bitter green tea so I left it as it was.


Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe

I have been to Disney World numerous times since the age of 4 and this is only the first time I’ve grabbed a couple of snacks in Norway! (School Bread where have you been all my life). However as fantastic as the School Bread was, the star of the show for me was the Cinnamon Roll. I LOVE me a cinnamon roll so maybe I’m a bit biased but this was really special. Topped off with the chopped pecans it was really special and I would go back for it again and again… and again.


The Garden Grill

Now this is special! I love everything about this restaurant; The food, the characters, the setting and the great customer service from the cast members too. Its also a great character dinner for those who don’t want to have to swing napkins around at Chef Mickeys or parade around with Pooh & Friends at the Crystal Palace. Don’t get me wrong, I love that but sometimes a girl just gotta eat.

I have been here many times and this was the best experience I’ve ever had, each course was phenomenal and the characters were so much fun. The greatest thing about the garden grill, empty platter? they will replace it fully. Expect a good nights sleep after this meal, you will not leave hungry.

The dessert changes seasonally, we had the berry poundcake with whipped cream and it almost made me cry with joy. They gave us two large cakes to share between 5 and I think I ate a full one to myself, not even sorry. Also you have to get the pomegranate lemonade! It made such a welcoming change to Sprite and really delicious.

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